George Hardwick Photography

Wedding/ Engagement Photos

Drone Photography

Need to show off your new listing location? Check the slide show and see how we can take your listing to the next level using Drone, and high quality DSLR Photography!

Product Sales/ Real Estate

Get the most out of your sale with high quality pictures.

In need of a photographer? Reach out below! Or email directly:

Published by George Hardwick

Hello all, I'm an active college student who loves getting off the beaten path to find something new, (but not far enough to get lost). Jumping cliffs, mountain biking, and surfing are activities that I keep me interested, so long as they don't end up killing me. I prefer terming my style as being, "Moderately Extreme" because I like to have a wild time, but don't like getting injured. stop by and see what I've been up to.

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